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Lost Vegas: The Mint

It was a majestic mid-century modern piece of architecture sitting right there on Fremont Street amid the western motif of the Golden Nugget and the western flavor of Benny Binion's Horseshoe Club.

The Mint, all pink and adorned in a necklace of chaser lights and neon, is the one hotel on Fremont Street that to this day, when Hollywood set designers want to reference that era and Las Vegas, the Mint is the go-to choice. With its pylon sign and the chaser lights rising into the night sky to light the neon star at the top of the pylon, the Mint gloried in its mid-century modern finery.

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"Lost Vegas": Fremont Street

In our latest entry of "Lost Vegas", we take a look at Fremont Street.

Check out it out:


and share with us your memories of Fremont Street!

"Lost" Vegas: the El Rancho Vegas

This week we look back at the El Rancho Vegas, whose history started with a myth but is one of the most enduring memories of "Lost" Vegas. From its days as a pioneer of the Las Vegas Strip to the tragic fire that brought it all to an end:

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What do you remember of the El Rancho Vegas?

Lost Vegas: We Remember Foxy's

This week we look back at one of the most happening eateries in Lost Vegas: Foxy's Deli.

Legend has it that more deals were made on Foxy's napkins than anywhere else in town.

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