Throwback Thursday with a slide gallery!

We celebrate Throwback Thursday this week with a slide gallery of some of our favorite places and people from the early days and glory days of Classic Las Vegas.

Did we remember some of your favorites?

Check out our new blog to see!

Here's a little preview:

Topping the Champagne tower at the Flamingo


Check out the other images at:

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"Lost" Vegas: the El Rancho Vegas

This week we look back at the El Rancho Vegas, whose history started with a myth but is one of the most enduring memories of "Lost" Vegas. From its days as a pioneer of the Las Vegas Strip to the tragic fire that brought it all to an end:

The story of this famed hotel is at

What do you remember of the El Rancho Vegas?

Lost Vegas: We Remember Foxy's

This week we look back at one of the most happening eateries in Lost Vegas: Foxy's Deli.

Legend has it that more deals were made on Foxy's napkins than anywhere else in town.

t's all at

Check it out and share your memories with us!

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We introduce a new feature: Lost Vegas

We are introducing a new feature on our updated blog called Lost Vegas where we talk about the history of places that are no longer part of Las Vegas but remain part of our shared history.

We will offer images from private collections, history, old timer's memories and we hope you will share your memories with us as well!

It's all at

We kick off this feature with an in-depth look at the fabled, Green Shack restaurant,  a favorite of many, best known for its fried chicken (and in the early days), its bootleg whiskey.


Join us at our updated blog, for more history and images!

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