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Preservation Spotlight: Dennis McBride

Today's Preservation Spotlight is on Dennis McBride, Executive Director of the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas and longtime Las Vegas Valley historian.

I've been good friends with Dennis since we first met over ten years ago. He was one of the main inspirations behind my getting interested in preserving 20th Century Las Vegas history.  His oral histories with the men who worked on the building of Boulder/Hoover Dam and the women who helped build Boulder City into more than just a Federal reservation were key to inspiring me.  His pioneering work at the Boulder Dam Museum as well as his work in chronicling the history of the Gay and Lesbian movement in the Las Vegas Valley serve as inspirations to us all.

Today, Dennis helps preserve Las Vegas history at the State Museum and has a deep interest in the Photography collection there. Just a few years ago, he cataloged the J. Florian Mitchell collection that includes some wonderful images of mid-century modern Las Vegas.

We sat down with Dennis and talked about preservation and history in Las Vegas:

CLV Blog: How did you become interested in preserving Southern Nevada history?

McBride:   Saving things, preserving things, collecting and organizing things is a significant part of my nature. I’ve been doing it since I was a child....

Read the rest of the interview at ClassicLasVegasBlog.com

Classic Saturday images

How many of these do you remember?

Check it out here:  ClassicLasVegasBlog.com


Here's a taste:

Nashville Nevada Club

"Lost Vegas": Fremont Street

In our latest entry of "Lost Vegas", we take a look at Fremont Street.

Check out it out:


and share with us your memories of Fremont Street!

"Lost" Vegas: the El Rancho Vegas

This week we look back at the El Rancho Vegas, whose history started with a myth but is one of the most enduring memories of "Lost" Vegas. From its days as a pioneer of the Las Vegas Strip to the tragic fire that brought it all to an end:

The story of this famed hotel is at ClassicLasVegasBlog.com

What do you remember of the El Rancho Vegas?

Lost Vegas: We Remember Foxy's

This week we look back at one of the most happening eateries in Lost Vegas: Foxy's Deli.

Legend has it that more deals were made on Foxy's napkins than anywhere else in town.

t's all at ClassicLasVegasBlog.com

Check it out and share your memories with us!

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