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Remembering Las Vegas Lawman, Ralph Lamb

 For many Las Vegans, Ralph Lamb was the ultimate lawman. He was the sheriff during the heyday of the mob and moved Las Vegas into the big leagues with law enforcement techniques, equipment and policies. His word was often the last word and he was well-liked and respected by the people who elected him. When dealing with guys like Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal, his word was the only one. He wasn't above reminding Lefty that unless a guest of Rosenthal's who was in the state's Black Book left immediately for McCarran Airport and caught the next flight out of town, Lamb would be back to deal with Rosenthal directly. Rosenthal complied.

Ralph Lamb died Friday afternoon at the age of 88 after a brief illness and with his passing goes another chapter of Las Vegas history.

A.D. Hopkins wrote about Ralph Lamb for the book, The First 100 in 1999:



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