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Las Vegas Places That Aren't There Anymore

How many of these do you remember?



We saw Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Hot Rock and on one particular New Year's Eve, The Poseidon Adventure at the wonderful Fox Theater.  Took the bus all the way from Charleston Heights. Afterwards, we went across the street to Macayo Vegas for Mexican food. I took guitar lessons at Ted Vesley's Music Store, also across the street.

How about you?


We had a Woolco at the corner of W. Charleston and Decatur. It was a giant store (today it is a Walmart). In the early 1970s, an underground blast at the Nevada Test Site rattled the Las Vegas Valley so badly it took out the front display windows.


Across the street (kitty corner) from the Woolco. Always loved that signage! (today it is a Walgreen's)



Across W. Charleston Blvd. from Nevada Savings, this Zick and Sharp building has always been a bank building but not always a Bank of America. I had my first checking account at this bank.

The wonderful Hill Top Supper Club out on the way to Mt. Charleston. They had frog legs on the menu, real frog legs.


Vegas Village in Commercial Square


Hit the comments and share your memories with us!

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I remember Hill Top House Supper Club very fondly. A converted house right off of Rancho Road. When I lived in Vegas in the late 70s, it was very much a favorite of me and my parents, who had a house in the area. Sad that it is gone. We also used to go to Bob Taylor's steakhouse around that time, which I understand is still around. I remember they served great beans in individual cast-iron pots, with handles and lids (if memory serves). Will have to make a point to visit that establishment on my next visit to Vegas from So-Cal. Is the drive-in theater near that area still in operation?

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