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Historic Fremont Street

"There was more changes on Fremont Street than anywhere else for quite awhile" 

Carey Burke, 2004 interview 


Our historian, Lynn Zook, will be presenting this month's Untold Stories: Historic Fremont Street this Thursday, March 6th at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.


The panelists are:

Carey Burke

Brian "Buzz" Leming

Mike Pinjuv


Mike Pinjuv was born in Las Vegas in the 1920s.  Both Carey and Brian came to Las Vegas as youngsters in 1946.  All three have fond memories of Fremont Street.  They watched as the Street evolved from their Main Street to Glitter Gulch to the Fremont Street Experience of today.

Along the way, the cruised Fremont Street, watched Helldorado parades on its curbs, hung out at the hamburger joints and in Brian's case, helped design some of the incredible neon signs that still grace the Street.

Join us this Thursday, March 6th

7:00 pm

The Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Admission is $12 

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