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Untold Stories - Celebrating Three Years of History!

Next Thursday evening our discussion on "Mining in Southern Nevada" will also be our third anniversary of "Untold Stories" at the Springs Preserve.

Each month, we focus on a different topic about Las Vegas in the 20th Century and I put together a panel of long-time residents and historians to can bring insight and memories about the subject.

When I first began this venture with the Springs Preserve, I was doing similar programming regularly at the Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas and the Clark County Museum in Henderson.

Now due to budget cuts and dwindling budgets it is harder to do that type of programming at the museums.  But to its credit, the Springs Preserve has not waivered in its support of "Untold Stories".

Marcel Parent and the educational staff at the Springs understand how important this series is.  No where else in Southern Nevada can you go each month to hear old-timers talk about the history they witnessed and the history they made.

Over the last three years we have covered a wide range of popular topics like the history of Fremont Street and the Early Strip as well as "The MGM Grand Fire", "Above Ground Atomic Testing", "The Mob and Las Vegas", "World War II and Las Vegas" "Growing up in Early Las Vegas".

We have a dedicated group of participants that come out each month to hear the speakers and participate in the discussion.  Some are residents that have lived here for many, many years and some are relative newcomers interested in learning more about the new place they call home.

Regardless of how long you have lived in Las Vegas, we invite you to join us the first Thursday of each month (dark in January) to explore both the well-known history of our town as well as the lesser-known.  Our speakers love to share their stories and their memories.

Major thanks to the Springs Preserve and Nevada Humanities for providing the funding that keeps this living history series going.

I am thrilled to be celebrating our third anniversary together and look forward to more wonderful years of bringing history alive with "Untold Stories".

This Thursday we are focusing on "Mining in Southern Nevada".  Long before the casinos, miners came to the Las Vegas Valley seeking their fame and fortune.  From El Dorado Canyon to Goodsprings to Mt. Potosi, some struck it rich and others eeked out a meager existence.

Join us along with:

Tony Werly, current owner and historian of the famed Techatticup Mine in El Dorado Canyon.  Tony offers daily tours of the mine and has a small museum that includes pictures of steamships on the Colorado River.

Don Blake, local historian with a focus on the mining in Goodsprings.

Dr. Elizabeth Warren, local historian with a focus on mining in the Valley.

In the months ahead we will be focusing on:

October 1st :  The History of the Moulin Rouge

November 5th:  Howard Hughes and Las Vegas

Decemeber 3rd:  The Las Vegas You Don't Know

So, make a habit of joining us the first Thursday of every month and support this wonderful series.

Thursday, Sept. 3rd

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

6:30 pm

Admission $12

Techatticup Mine


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