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I was probably about 8-10 years old at the time, and lived with my family in the area of the "new" Storybook homes being built on Oakey, just below the Hebrew Temple and the Griffith Methodist Church. My parents frequently sent me off to the new grocery store, Thriftimart, to pick up a sundry of items. I'd hop on my bicycle and race to the store. (Believe it or not, a simple hand written note and cash would deliver to me a couple packs of cigarettes. Forgive me, I digress, alot). I had recently made the mistake of hopping off of my trusty bicycle, "Annie Oakley" style, which was my usual habit and ran into my aunt's house on Hassett. The bike slid behind the wheels of my aunt and uncle's Cadillac. Uncle Carlos, shortly left after my arrival to go to work at Firehouse #1, downtown. My abandoned red steed was irrepairably crushed. Hence the cause for my walk to the store that fateful day. A group of rough boys from the West side High Schools had formed a group called the "Clippers". If these culprits happened across you they would grab you and shave your head in the style of a Mohawk Indian. I was returning home,walking down Crestwood when I heard them whooping it up from behind me. The roar of their jeep was all I needed to hear. I felt like I'd just felt the breath of Satan himself on my neck. I didn't need to look behind me, I knew it was them. I ran full gallop, hopped fences and crashed into a large grouping of sticker bushes. I covered my mouth to mask my heavy breathing and listened. Finally, I braved my scratched and bleeding body out of my refuge and fearfully worked my way back home. I recall, hiding along walls, street lamps and any other structure that I thought would aid my wish for invisibility. I'd like to say that I was able to deliver home the groceries, but, at the time, I hoped it might slow them down to see what I dropped. Better that, then my pigtails.
Anybody out there get a haircut by the infamous "Clippers"?
As I recall, they especially liked to victimize "Gorman Goodies".
Thanks for letting me saunder through my memories.
July 28, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterKathleen
I do remember the Clippers, I have lived here since 1957 and remember them very well
January 23, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJimmy