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My family bought a house in North Las Vegas about 1962 or 1963. We moved in around Christmas. The sellers were the Lamb family and there was a son named Olcie or Olsie. I'm not sure of the spelling. The address was 1601 Patricia Street and it was in the College Park development, just off Owens. I was eleven or twelve. Is there anyway to find out if this house was owned by Sheriff Lamb or a brother??? I come to Vegas every December for the rodeo and always visit the houses I used to live in. Las Vegas was a special place to have lived in as a child in the early sixties!

I remember College Park! It was a cool subdivision. You might go to City Hall. There should be a Records Division that should be able to help you.

Best of luck and let us know what you find out!

September 15, 2012 | Registered CommenterLasVegasLynn
Thanks for the information! There IS a records division and it is searchable online. How cool is that?!

The house was owned by Darwin Lamb. His sons name was Ocie. They both were rodeo participants and judging from the newspaper stats....did their family tradition proud. Darwin was Sheriff Lambs brother and he served as Clark County Commisioner. My sister Melody was born while we lived here. We bought the house from Darwin and Mary Lamb in December of 1962 and the address was actually 1605 Patricia, not 1601.

Now if I could get some history on 2508 Sunrise Avenue. That is the second house from the corner of Sunrise Avenue and Eastern Avenue, directly across the street from Sunrise Acres School. A lady named Dixie owned it but we rented it from her family, the Biels. They lived next door on the corner. Mr. Biel won a huge amount of money from a casino and used it to build apartments in his yard. He woke us up New Years Eve breaking windows out of the side of his house where he was planning on adding on. IM GUESSING IT WAS HIS WAY OF CELEBRATING!

The best information I can get is that the house was built in 1943. It seemed older than that when we moved there in 1961.

Anyway, I'd like to know if you might have any ideas as to the true age of that house. It's not a tract home. All the houses on that street are different and in the last few years this one has been remodeled and doesn't look the same. I visit it almost every December. Also, do you know what prompted developement of that area? Nellis or ??? Any information or ideas would be appreciated.

My brother was born while we lived at 2508 Sunrise avenue.. Eight children and none of us born at the same address. I am the oldest. It's become a labor of love to research each house and record memories.
Thanks, Dawn
PS: I only know about Ocie because he was the heart throb of the neighborhood. I never met him but heard lots about him.
January 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDawn