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In the summer of 1963 my horse Frosty and I were under contract to Arden Farms Dairy to do a live Saturday morning TV show on KLAS for children. It was called Frosty's Farm Club. I dressed Frosty as a Milk Man and rode him in the Helldorado parade. We did many car commercials and appeared at schools, super market openings, etc. I had requests for thousands of photos of him after we appeared in the Thunderbird Hotel Casino and rolled a 7 at the craps table. (I have a picture of that). It was my understanding that there were many photos of him in shops around Vegas. The Thunderbird appearance was for the opening of Thunderbird Downs race track. I desperately would love to find some pictures of him working in Vegas. He did a promotion at the Silver Slipper also. I have written a book with him as the back story (Fall Girl: My LIfe as a Western Stunt Double) and am now doing his whole story telling of his stunted beginnings in Texas. If any one knows anything of his performances or has a picture please please let me know. I cherish every minute of my time in Las Vegas. I was his sole owner and trainer. Thanks so much.
September 17, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMartha Crawford Cantarini