"Las Vegas in Postcards" Booksigning on May 8th


Our friends at the Nevada State Museum will be hosting a book signing for my new book, Las Vegas in Postcards: 1905-1965 on Friday evening, May 8th.

My co-authors Carey Burke will be there and there is the possibility that Allen Sandquist will be joining us as well.

The book-signing reception begins at 5:30 pm

At 6:30 that evening, Dennis McBride will moderate a talk with us on how the book came about.

We hope you will join us for a fun-filled evening!

Friday, May 8th

Nevada State Museum

700 Twin Lakes Dr

Lorenzi Park

5:30 pm  Booksigning/Reception

6:30 pm  Discussion

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Cultural Tourism - May's Untold Stories

On Thursday, May 7th, we are taking a slight break from discussing Las Vegas History with Untold Stories.  May is Historical Preservation Month in Nevada and we are taking that opportunity to turn the spotlight on Cultural Tourism.

We will be talking about what is Cultural Tourism, what role does it currently play in Las Vegas, how can that role be expanded and how can it be marketed not only to tourists but more importantly the local population to help increase the role that history does play, every day throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Our panelists include:

Brian Paco Alvarez - local historian and curator of the Las Vegas News Bureau

Marilyn Gillespie, Executive Director, Natural History Museum

Aaron Metcalf - curator at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Courtney Mooney - local historian and the Preservation Officer for the City of Las Vegas

Remember- Untold Stories now starts at 6:30 pm.

Thursday, May 7th

6:30 pm

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

Admission is $12

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More Fremont Street History


Last year, one of our most successful "Untold Stories" programs was on the history of Fremont Street.


On April 2nd, we will be have a new group of panelists covering More Fremont Street History because the history of the street is just too big to cover in one session.

I am working on putting a panel together.  Paul Carson, who knows a great deal about the early history of Fremont Street will be on hand to talk about the history of the Railroad depots and the El Portal Theater.

In the next few days I will be adding the other panelists'  names here as well.

So check back for more updates.

One scheduling note:

Beginning April 2nd, "Untold Stories" will begin at 6:30 pm.

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

Admission is $12

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Early Families of Las Vegas



On Thursday, March 5th join us as we look back at Early Families of Las Vegas.

We will shine a spotlight on the families that helped build and nuture Las Vegas from 1905 through the Great Depression.

It will be a great night of history and memories so we hope you will join us and our panelists:

Paul Carson - local historian with a great deal of knowledge on the family of Helen J. Stewart.

June Eddins - her family had a business on Fremont Street

Bill Gildner -his family arrived in the throes of the Great Depression

Don Payne - local historian


Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

7:00 pm

$12 admission

We hope to see you there!

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The Railroad, the Cottages and Early Las Vegas


On Thursday, February 5th we have a very unique panel centered around the history of the railroad in Las Vegas.

As many of our readers know, the railroad put Las Vegas on the proverbial map.  It's importance in those early, beginning days of Las Vegas cannot be understated.  The railroad provided many of the jobs for the small community and also provided cottages for its workers to live in.

Over the years, the railroad cottages were home not only to those connected with the company but as the community grew and the railroad grew less important, many of the cottages were turned into businesses.

Finally, many fell into disrepair and most were demolished to make room for bigger and better offices.

But for an evening we are going to look back on this buildings that were home to many of our pioneering residents.  We will talk about their historic importance, the battle to save them and the story of their ultimate preservation.  We will also talk about the importance of the railroad in sustaining the small community in those formative years.

Join us and our panelists to learn more about our early history and the story behind the Cottages.

Donna Andress

Eileen Fitzgerald Carson

Paul Stewart

Brian "Paco" Alvarez


Thursday, February 5th

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Desert Learning Center

7:00 pm

Admission is $12


We hope to see you there for this rare evening of early Las Vegas history!


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