Historic Las Vegas Neighborhoods
Monday, June 4, 2007 at 12:48AM
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Historic neighborhoods.  Every town has them: Boston, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City, Dallas, Los Angeles, Seattle. Portland, Phoenix and many more.  Las Vegas is no exception.  Yes, the city is barely a hundred years old (and the County will be in 2009) but Las Vegas still has a fair number of historic neighborhoods that need to be preserved.

I know all the usual rhetoric.  They're not old neighborhoods because in terms of years, most were built either during or after World War II.  But in a city that is barely 100, these neighborhoods count as historic.  Once destroyed, they can't be rebuilt.  They tell us a great deal about the people who came to Las Vegas from the very beginning and how the town grew.  They offer a glimpse of the in-fighting and the history between the city of Las Vegas and Clark County (everything south of Sahara Avenue).

The houses in many of these developments are still standing and are testiments to the architects, visionaries and home owners who all believed that this small city (because that is what it was until about twenty years ago) in the desert had a future worth investing in.

Visit them on your next trip, consider moving into one of them if you are from out of town or if you live in Las Vegas and want to purchase a new home,  do something to help preserve the history of our community buy a home in a historic neighborhood and restore your home to its original grandeur.  You'll be glad you did.


Las Vegas High School Historic District

John S. Parks Historic Neighborhood

Huntridge Historic Neighborhood

MaryCrest Historic Neighborhood

Paradise Palms Historic Neighborhood 

Alta Drive Historic Neighborhood 

Bonanza Village Historic Neighborhood

The Westside Historic Neighborhood

Beverly Green Historic Neighborhood

Rancho Circle

Scotch 80s 

Glen Heather Estates

McNeil Estates 

Hyde Park

Charleston Heights

Twin Lakes 

Rainbow Charleston 

Spring Valley 

Francisco Park

College Park 


Boulder City 



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