2009 Projects
Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 1:53PM
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Here are some of our plans for Preservation Projects in 2009:

History Archives:

This program will take the current 130 videotaped interviews of long-time Las Vegas residents and transfer them to the DVD format. Each interview will be on an authored DVD. A sample of individuals interviews include William Laub, Sr; Jim Cashman, Jr; Manny Cortez; Don English; Earl White; Florence Murphy; and Walt Casey.

There exist approximately 1,500-2,000 photographs that need to be authored on to DVD. These photographs come from personal collections that are not currently available to other researchers, scholars and the public.

These DVD interviews will be indexed and include both the moving image as well as an interview transcription.

Roundtable Series:

The Roundtable Series is a monthly event that  brings a panel of three or four “old timers” to talk about Las Vegas history or a particular aspect of our history. These programs are held at the Nevada State Museum, Clark County Museum, and various libraries in the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.

Past programs have included such individuals and topics as: Rex Bell, Jr; Pioneering Women of Southern Nevada Journalism; Doin’ the Donut: Cruisin’ Fremont Street; A Salute to the Las Vegas High Rythmettes; Boomin’ Up: Building Boulder Dam; and Growing Up in Early Las Vegas.

Historic Fremont Street Study:

This project will bring together the architectural and social history of Fremont Street chronologically and in its various evolutions into one succinct document.

This project’s goal is to gather the social and architectural history, authenticate its accuracy, and present this information in a final document that captures this fascinating history and brings it together in one place.

Downtown History Series:

Like the Roadshow, this Speakers Series brings together panels of long-time residents to talk about the history of Fremont Street. 


So stay tuned and stay subscribed, we have some wonderful plans for 2008 and will keep you updated as we progress! 

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