Friends of Classic Las Vegas New Preservation and Event Projects
Friday, September 21, 2007 at 9:53PM




The Friends of Classic Las Vegas strive to promote better living and preservation of Las Vegas history and landmarks by capturing the stories of our pioneers, educational outreach programs and community awareness and activism!

“We must preserve our past to insure our future.”
We are currently planning 8-10 Roadshow events next year.  These events will alternate between the Nevada State Museum, Clark County Museum and another location that we hope to have finalized in the weeks ahead.   
Our biggest project is our comprehensive history of Fremont Street, titled appropriately enough "Historic Fremont Street".  We want to document the history of Fremont Street, how it grew and evolved decade-by-decade from a tent city to the heart of the community to Glitter Gulch to today's Fremont Street Experience.  We will document the buildings, the businesses, the homes and the people who helped make Fremont Street possible and helped it to grow.  From Main to Eighth Street and Carson to Stewart, this project hopes to establish the real history of Downtown Las Vegas. 
This is a labor-intensive project involving a great deal of research, photography and investigation.
When our work is completed this information will be invaluable to anyone interested in the real history of Downtown ,
those interested in Cultural tourism will use this as their bible for walking tours, neighborhood tours, lectures and exhibits.
Fremont Street was our Main Street, USA, albeit with a strange and wonderful twist to it, and it was like no other Main Street in America.  Today, it sits on the cusp of revitalization and renovation.  Big changes are coming.  Union Park, The Smith Theater for the Performing Arts, the Mob Museum, the Fremont East Visitors Center and more all herald major changes.  In many ways, the look of Fremont Street, architecturally, has not changed that much from its days as the heart of the community, but in the next few years, that is all likely to change.  Before it does, we want to document it so that it will not be lost to history.
This project is labor intensive.  By becoming a member of The Friends of Classic Las Vegas, you can help make this important preservation project possible. 
Click here to learn how you can become a member today. 
Is there a preservation project you think we should undertake or get involved with.  Leave your comments here! 
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