The History of Mt. Charleston
Thursday, September 25, 2008 at 12:43PM
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From the beginning of Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston has played an important role in the history of the town.  Located (now) only 40 minutes away, Mt. Charleston has been a get-away for families hoping to escape the heat of the summer before air-conditioning was invented, has played host to Summer Camps for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, provided wood and timber for many a building in young Las  Vegas and a winter wonderland for those of us who want to enjoy the snow but not live in the snow.  In addition, for almost 50 years people have lived on the mountain.

This Thursday evening, Oct. 2nd, we will explore the history, the romance and the beauty of the mountain as part of our "Untold Stories" series at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.

Joining us will be:

Richard Taylor, long time resident of Mt. Charleston and its local historian

Thalia Dondero, long time resident of both Mt. Charleston and Las Vegas as well as past president of the Girl Scouts of America when they had a lodge and summer camp on the mountain.

Don Payne, long time resident of Las Vegas and former manager of the Las Vegas News Bureau.

Join us Thursday, Oct. 2nd

7:00 pm

Las Vegas Springs Preserve

and learn more about this natural wonder and its relationship with Las Vegas.

Admission is $12

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